2 Signs There’s Something Wrong With Your Truck’s Transmission

Your truck's transmission is one of its most vital components, second in importance only to your engine. Yet people often struggle to understand the purpose of the transmission--let alone the signs that it isn't working the way that it should. If you would like to improve your knowledge of common transmission problems, read on. This article will discuss two symptoms you should be aware of. Failure To Respond The most unambiguous sign that your transmission is experiencing a problem is that your truck fails to respond when you put it in gear. Read More 

Tips for Saving Money on the Repair of a Transmission

Repairs for a transmission can be expensive. To help you save as much money as you can, you should take a look at the following tips. Get Help Right Away The sooner you seek mechanical help for the transmission troubles that you are having, the cheaper it could be to make the necessary repairs. This is because some transmission problems can start out small but become worse the longer they are ignored. Read More 

Tips For Repairing Your Leather Car Seats

If you have a vehicle with leather seats, you want to make sure that you keep them looking spectacular in order to keep the value of the car. Seats that aren't cracked will also be much more comfortable for your passengers. Here are some tips for repairing and maintaining your leather car seats. 1. Don't Assume All Black Leather is the Same Your first step is to make sure that you don't assume that all black leather is the same. Read More 

Three Tips To Prepare Your Car For A Long Roadtrip

Going on a long road trip can be a great option for getting to your destination while also making sure that you can see as much of the countryside as possible. Unfortunately, these long trips can put a tremendous amount of stress on your vehicle, which can make it more likely to experience a mechanical failure. When this happens, you may find yourself stranded on the side of the road, but using these tips may help you to avoid these issues or at least be as prepared as possible. Read More 

Boosting Your Vehicle’s Fuel Economy

If your car is using a lot of fuel, it does not necessarily mean that you need maintenance. In fact, in an effort to save money on production costs, your car's manufacturer may not have equipped your vehicle with all of the components it needs to combust fuel as completely as possible. A few aftermarket parts will help you to boost your vehicle's performance. A Turbocharger While you may think of a turbocharger as a component that you only need to add to your engine if you plan on doing some street racing, an understanding of how a turbocharger works should show you how you can use one to get better fuel economy. Read More