2 Signs There’s Something Wrong With Your Truck’s Transmission

Your truck's transmission is one of its most vital components, second in importance only to your engine. Yet people often struggle to understand the purpose of the transmission--let alone the signs that it isn't working the way that it should. If you would like to improve your knowledge of common transmission problems, read on. This article will discuss two symptoms you should be aware of.

Failure To Respond

The most unambiguous sign that your transmission is experiencing a problem is that your truck fails to respond when you put it in gear. This phenomenon can affect both manual and automatic style transmissions, though it tends to manifest for each of them in different ways. In an automatic, you may notice that there is a delay--often several seconds or more--between when you put the transmission in drive and when the truck starts to move.

Manual trucks can exhibit the same problem--that is, a lag between shifting into gear and the truck actually moving. The difference is that this lag is accompanied by the sound of the engine surging. In other words, it sounds like the engine is revolving much more quickly than it should. Often, this sound will even continue after the gear has engaged.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

Just as your engine needs oil to function properly, so your transmission relies on transmission fluid. Leaks are equally problematic in both cases. Should the level of transmission fluid drop too low, your system may seize up and come grinding to a halt--a problem so costly to fix that such trucks are often abandoned to the scrap heap.

Thus, it's a good idea to always have one eye out for signs that your truck is leaking transmission fluid. Fortunately, this substance is fairly easy to identify. Not only does transmission fluid have a bright red color when fresh, but it also has a strong, sweetish smell. As transmission fluid ages, however, it becomes darker in color, making it more easily mistaken for oil.

If you have recently begun to find what you think might be transmission fluid on the ground beneath your truck, it's a good idea to take your truck to a transmission specialist for a thorough inspection. They will be able to identify and then plug up any leaks that have developed. Likewise, they may suggest having your transmission flushed. This will remove any old, corroded fluid, thus ensuring that your system is able to run smoothly and without problem for many more years.

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