4 Things You Should Have Done When You Get Your Oil Changed

When you go in for an oil change, that is not the only service that you should get. An oil change, when you go to an auto service shop, is really a quick way to check out multiple systems on your car and take care of various necessary maintenance tasks. 1. Refill Your Washer Fluid Your washer fluid is what you use to clean your windshield off when it gets dirty. Read More 

Have Your Car Checked Right Away When It Indicates The Need For Transmission Repair

Your car's transmission is made to last a long time as long as you maintain your car properly and have it serviced on schedule. However, transmission problems can arise whether your car is old or new. Here are some signs of transmission trouble, how the problem is identified, and repairs that may be necessary. Signs Your Car May Have Transmission Trouble When your car starts to have problems with the transmission, the car's diagnostic system should pick up on it early and cause the warning light to come on. Read More