What You Need To Know About Diesel Truck Service And When It Is Required

Servicing your diesel-powered truck is not overly challenging, but it is different than the service required on gas engines. Diesel truck repair shops are often the best place to take your vehicle if it needs repairs or general service, but knowing when to take the truck in is also critical to the proper maintenance of the vehicle. General Maintenance Your diesel truck requires some general care and service that can be easily handled by a diesel truck repair shop and will help keep the truck running at its best. Read More 

Air Conditioning Services For A Truck Fleet

Truck drivers spend numerous hours traveling the roads and usually must work each time they reach their destination. Spending so much time in a truck is great for someone who enjoys traveling, but it can be a frustrating experience if the temperature in the cab is uncomfortable. For example, when traveling over a long distance in the summer months, drivers can get sweaty and miserable if the air conditioning system does not work as it should. Read More 

3 Signs Your Car Exhaust System Is in Need of Repairs

Your vehicle's exhaust system is responsible for taking the engine combustion air and moving it from the engine to the back of the vehicle and out into the air. Without an exhaust system, the air is going to go directly into the cab of the vehicle and can be very dangerous for you to breathe in. If your exhaust system is bad, it could be dangerous to you and could be bad for your vehicle as well. Read More 

What to Do with Your Old Car When It Is Not Longer Drivable

Cars and trucks often have a limited lifespan, and when they get old and are hard to get parts for, they may no longer be worth keeping. Junk car removal is often the best option to get the car out of the driveway, and there are some options you may want to explore when you are ready to let that old car go.  Donate Your Car One way to dispose of an old car is to donate it to a charity that will take it for scrap value. Read More 

4 Factors That Impact A Flat Tire Repair

A flat tire doesn't always mean that you need to buy a brand new tire. Small punctures and damages are often repairable, which means your tire may still have several years of service life left in it. Several factors impact the ability of your tire shop to make a flat repair, so an assessment of the damage is necessary before making the decision to repair or replace.  1. Puncture Location Read More