What to Do with Your Old Car When It Is Not Longer Drivable

Cars and trucks often have a limited lifespan, and when they get old and are hard to get parts for, they may no longer be worth keeping. Junk car removal is often the best option to get the car out of the driveway, and there are some options you may want to explore when you are ready to let that old car go.  Donate Your Car One way to dispose of an old car is to donate it to a charity that will take it for scrap value. Read More 

4 Factors That Impact A Flat Tire Repair

A flat tire doesn't always mean that you need to buy a brand new tire. Small punctures and damages are often repairable, which means your tire may still have several years of service life left in it. Several factors impact the ability of your tire shop to make a flat repair, so an assessment of the damage is necessary before making the decision to repair or replace.  1. Puncture Location Read More 

Buying Replacement Parts For Your Vehicle

The need to replace faulty car parts is an issue that you will periodically have to address to keep your vehicle running smoothly. When your vehicle has encountered this problem and needs to have parts replaced, new car owners may not always know the types of steps they should be taking to meet this need. Many Mechanic Services Allow Clients To Provide Their Own Parts Many people lack the knowledge or the equipment to complete the repairs that their vehicles may need. Read More 

Understand When And Why Your Brakes Make Noise

When is the best time to service your brakes? Of course, the most obvious answer is "before they fail." However, brakes can go through multiple stages before they reach a point where they can begin to impact your braking performance. Given the critical nature of your brakes, it's generally a good idea to schedule a service appointment sooner rather than later. But, why do your brakes make noise, what can those noises tell you about their condition, and when should you take immediate action? Read More 

Five Ways To Take Care Of A Vehicle You Aren’t Driving

A car that isn't in active use still requires regular care to keep it in good condition. Protecting your car from weather damage and pests from the start, as well as properly preparing it for storage and thoroughly inspecting replaceable parts, will make it easier for your car to quickly return to regular use when it's ready. Clean, Protect, and Move Tires Tires are especially susceptible to damage from being out in the sun and sitting in one position for too long. Read More