3 Things To Know About Maintaining Your First European Car

If you want to break away from the traditional car models, going with a European model is hands-down one of the most intelligent decisions you can make. From Bentley to Volkswagen, there is no limit of choices in the European car market, whether you want a small gas-saver or an SUV. The only downfall that comes along with buying a European car after only owning domestic models is you may feel a little under-educated when it comes to maintenance. Here is a look at a few helpful things you should know about maintaining your new European car. 

Owning a European car can mean the engine is laid out differently. 

European cars can definitely be a lot different in build and setup where the engine is concerned. Therefore, when you first pop the hood on your ride to look for usual components, you may feel a little lost. Some of the most luxury European rides can have engines made in a totally different format than you're used to seeing. So take some time initially to examine the engine and its components to get more familiar with the car overall. 

Studying your owner's manual. 

That owner's manual that comes tucked away in the glovebox of your vehicle may normally get disregarded. However, when you are transitioning from being a domestic-made vehicle owner to owning a European car or truck for the first time, it is wise to study this manual like an instructional guide. You can learn a great deal about your new ride and its maintenance schedule in this little book, from when the oil should be changed to troubleshooting basic engine troubles. Just flipping through the pages will also give you a good idea of where to find certain components, like where the power steering fluid is located or how to gain access to the battery terminal, which may be slightly different from what you are used to. 

Tracking down a European auto mechanic in your area should be your first action. 

Keeping your new ride well maintained will be incredibly important, so knowing where to take your car when you need help with maintenance will be a grand benefit. Not every auto mechanic is skilled with European vehicles, especially less-common models in the US like Skoda and Citroen. So finding the right place can take some doing, but will be well worth your efforts. A European car mechanic can help you create a detailed service schedule and help you get more familiar with your vehicle altogether. 

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