Have Your Car Checked Right Away When It Indicates The Need For Transmission Repair

Your car's transmission is made to last a long time as long as you maintain your car properly and have it serviced on schedule. However, transmission problems can arise whether your car is old or new. Here are some signs of transmission trouble, how the problem is identified, and repairs that may be necessary.

Signs Your Car May Have Transmission Trouble

When your car starts to have problems with the transmission, the car's diagnostic system should pick up on it early and cause the warning light to come on. If the dash light comes on, you should have your car checked as soon as possible because if something is wrong with the transmission, your car may become difficult to drive since your car may not shift gears like it should. You may hear unusual noises when gears shift and you might even detect a burning odor from under the hood. If your transmission is leaking fluid, you might see a small puddle of pinkish fluid under the car after it's been parked. If you suspect your car has transmission issues, you should have it checked by a mechanic right away.

How Transmission Problems Are Diagnosed

The mechanic will check your car's computer for an error code that identifies the problem. The fluid in the transmission is also checked to see if it's burnt or low. The mechanic may even take your car for a test drive to see how it handles when shifting gears. If necessary, your transmission may be taken apart for a visual inspection and to make repairs.

Transmission Repairs That May Be Needed

There are many causes for transmission problems, so repairs could be fairly minor or you could need to have your transmission rebuilt. If fluid is leaking out, the problem might be worn out seals that the mechanic can replace. There might be other worn or loose parts that can be repaired once the transmission is examined. If the problem is dirty transmission fluid that's clogging the system, the old fluid may be flushed out and replaced. Some transmission repairs can be done without removing the transmission from your car. Other times, it's necessary to take the transmission out and rebuild it with new parts.

Rebuilding a transmission can be a costly repair job that could possibly be avoided by getting prompt service at the first signs of trouble and by having regular service on your car. However, transmission repairs are often less complex and less expensive, so don't assume the worst before a mechanic has looked at your car and determined what repairs will be needed. Contact a shop, like B G & S Transmissions, for more help.