3 Reasons to File a Diminished Auto Value Claim

You've recently been in a significant accident, but you finally have your car back. The insurance company covered the repairs and everything looks good as new. Case closed, right? Sadly, this may not be the end of the long-term impact on your car. The reality is that vehicles are often never quite perfect again after severe accidents, and a diminished resale is generally reflective of this fact. Even with flawless repairs, future buyers may consider your car a greater risk than one that was never involved in an accident. Read More 

Need Repairs On Your Car? Why You Need To Choose A AAA Certied Repair Shop

If your vehicle is in need of repairs, don't settle on the first repair shop you find. Instead, take the time to find a quality shop for those repairs. Your car is a major investment; you want to make sure that you choose the right repair shop. One way to ensure that you've chosen the right shop is to make sure that they're AAA certified. Choosing a AAA certified repair shop will ensure that your car is in good hands, and that you'll receive the customer service you deserve. Read More 

How The Paintless Dent Repair Process Works

When your vehicle is damaged, one of the options you have for repairing your vehicle is paintless dent repair (PDR). Beyond not requiring your vehicle to be repainted, the name doesn't really tell you much about the process. Get for Smaller Repair Needs Paintless dent repair usually works most effectively on small and medium dents to your vehicle. Think of things such as dents caused by hail, or a ding caused by a car door. Read More 

Screeech! Signs Your Brakes Might Be Failing

Most people are familiar with the telltale screech of a failing brake pad. In fact, this sound actually has very little to do with the pad itself. The familiar screeching noise produced by brake pads that are about to shuffle off this mortal coil is actually an intentional design feature. Once pads have worn down sufficiently far, a small piece of metal rubs against the rotor and produces that noise to tell you that it's time to do some maintenance. Read More 

How Often Should You Replace Your Tires?

There's actually no set time frame for replacing your car tires; you just have to watch out for the signs when they need to be taken care of or replaced entirely. When you have bad tires on your car, you risk a blowout or can experience issues with keeping control of your car while it's on the road, so you should pay attention to the signs for when it's time to get a new set of tires. Read More