Diesel Performance Engines — Useful Shipping Advice To Keep In Mind

Diesel performance engines are one of the more powerful engine varieties that you can find on the market today. If you have one and need to ship it out — whether it's for repairs or routine maintenance — here are some protocols to keep in mind.

Drain Fluids

If you've used the diesel performance engine in the last couple of years or so, then it will have fluids that you need to drain completely before you attempt to ship this automotive part. This will give you a clean and compliant shipping process to look forward to.

Draining engine fluids isn't that difficult. You just need to get a large oil pan and then position it directly under the oil plug. You can then remove it and let the fluids drain all the way out. Now you're ready to package this engine up for shipping. 

Find a Shipper With Relevant Experience

One of the most important decisions you'll make when shipping a diesel performance engine to another destination is the shipper you work with. There are many options, but you need to find one that has relevant experience. More specifically, they should have ample experience shipping out diesel performance engines.

These components are often large and heavy, but a shipper that has ample hands-on experience with this automotive part won't fall victim to shipping obstacles. They'll ensure shipping remains calculated and efficient the entire time. 

Cushion the Engine as Much as Possible

When you get ready to ship a diesel performance engine, you want to do everything you can to reduce the chances of damage taking place. In that case, you need to cushion the engine as much as you can. This falls on the shipping materials you use. Whether you use a pallet or crate, you need to surround the diesel performance engine with absorbent materials.

Then if something bangs up against the engine during transportation, it's unlikely to be damaged. You thus won't have to worry about unnecessary repairs that cost a lot of money. If you're not sure what packaging materials to use for added protection, talk to an experienced shipping company that deals with engines all the time. 

If you have a diesel performance engine and need to ship it to another destination, take your time planning out how shipping will go. Think about the materials you'll use and the professionals you'll partner up with. The engine damage won't affect shipping at all. For more information on performance engines like a Cummins 5.9 engine, contact a professional near you.