Is It Time for Radiator Repair? 3 Signs You Should Look Out For

Keeping your car in pristine condition ensures you enjoy its service for as long as possible. You want to always be safe and comfortable when moving from one place to another. Over time, your radiator may give in to the natural wear and tear that comes with consistent use, calling for repair. However, it can be hard to know when your radiator is on its last leg if you are not an auto repair expert. As such, this article will highlight three signs that show your radiator could use some repair.

1. A Damaged Radiator Cap

Your car radiator has a cap (with two strong seals) that pressurizes the coolant and prevents it from leaking. If the coolant is hot, its pressure rises, and the cap will open, release the pressure, and close. However, if the radiator cap is damaged, it may not open, which means you will have an extremely hot coolant that may not cool your engine. Unfortunately, this might damage your engine. Also, if the cap allows the coolant to leak, your vehicle radiator is at a high risk of rust. So, if this special cap is damaged, do not hesitate to visit an auto repair shop for a check-up.

2. Coolant or Water Leak

Keep an eye on your coolant level. If the level is unusually low, you may be looking at a coolant leak. To confirm this, check under your car. Can you see a green or yellow puddle? If yes, your radiator may be cracked, and you may want to visit an auto repair shop for immediate repair. Generally, a leak indicates that the engine is not getting the cooling it deserves, so overlooking repair is an invitation for costly repairs.

3. Inefficient AC System

Your radiator is integral to your car's AC system. The hot coolant may not cool your car effectively if it is leaky. Therefore, if you turn on your car's AC system but it is struggling to maintain the desired temperature, your damaged radiator may be the culprit. Do not suffer in a cold or warm car. Reach out to a competent auto repair expert who can offer excellent radiator repair services at an affordable price to get your car's AC working properly.

Now that you have confirmed that your car needs radiator repair, it is time to head to a local auto repair shop. The experts will evaluate the condition of the radiator and offer effective repair to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.