What You Need To Know About Diesel Truck Service And When It Is Required

Servicing your diesel-powered truck is not overly challenging, but it is different than the service required on gas engines. Diesel truck repair shops are often the best place to take your vehicle if it needs repairs or general service, but knowing when to take the truck in is also critical to the proper maintenance of the vehicle.

General Maintenance

Your diesel truck requires some general care and service that can be easily handled by a diesel truck repair shop and will help keep the truck running at its best. Diesel engines depend on fuel and airflow because they are compressed-fired engines, and if either is interrupted, the engine will not run properly. 

Diesel fuel often has more particulate in it than gasoline, so filtering is critical to ensuring the injectors stay free of debris when the engine is running. Something as simple as a slight reduction in the fuel flow through the injectors can through off the entire balance of the air/fuel mix, and the engine may begin to suffer power loss and poor performance.

The same is true with airflow on these big engines. A restriction of air through the system can cause the engine to run rich, using more fuel and often not burning it entirely inside the engine. The result can be poor fuel economy, higher tailpipe emissions, and general drivability issues that you could resolve with the cost of a paper filter.

While other parts of the truck also need service and care, engine performance is most affected by these systems, and general service visits will address the rest of the truck while it is in the shop.  

Service Intervals

Service for diesel engines is not that different from your gas-powered car, but the service interval can be longer for diesel trucks. Often a large displacement diesel engine will use heavy-duty synthetic engine oil that can extend the time between oil changes and reduce the time the truck is in the diesel truck repair shop for service.

However, if the engine begins to run rough or you notice a lack of performance, you may need to have the air and fuel filters checked between service visits. Replacing the filters on the truck with the highest quality you can afford is the best way to ensure they continue to work correctly. 

If you are using your truck offroad or in dusty environments, cleaning the air filter by blowing out the dust once in a while will make it last longer. Using higher quality fuel in the truck will result in fewer dirt particles in the fuel and can also help extend the fuel filters' life. 

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