Air Conditioning Services For A Truck Fleet

Truck drivers spend numerous hours traveling the roads and usually must work each time they reach their destination. Spending so much time in a truck is great for someone who enjoys traveling, but it can be a frustrating experience if the temperature in the cab is uncomfortable. For example, when traveling over a long distance in the summer months, drivers can get sweaty and miserable if the air conditioning system does not work as it should. If you have received complaints from drivers about the air conditioning system not working, hire a company to make repairs to your entire fleet of trucks. Your truck drivers will feel more relaxed, which will also affect their productivity levels.

What Causes the Air Conditioner to Stop Working in Semi-Trucks?

There are several reasons why an air conditioning system in a semi-truck might stop working, which can easily be diagnosed by a professional. A common reason is for there to be little to no water in the system, as an air conditioner requires water as a part of the cooling process. Another important fluid that an air conditioner might lack is refrigerant, which is the main coolant that is needed. A dirty or damaged condenser coil might be the root of an air conditioner not getting cool. A technician can clean or repair damaged parts to bring the air conditioner in each truck back to working order.

Can New Air Conditioning Systems Be Installed in a Truck Fleet?

A technician will do everything they can to repair the air conditioning systems in your truck fleet. However, if an extensive number of repairs are needed, you might be better off financially by replacing the air conditioning systems. The reason is that the systems in your truck fleet might be too old to work efficiently. A technician will give you details about the condition of each air conditioner so you will know if only a few of the trucks need new systems installed. Whether you opt for new installations or keep the old systems, do not forget to schedule regular maintenance.

What Do Truck Fleet Air Conditioning Services Cost?

The cost to get the air conditioning systems in your truck fleet repaired can vary. The price depends on what is wrong with each truck, the number of trucks requiring attention, and the labor going into making repairs. You can request a quote for repairs by contacting a truck fleet AC service company.