3 Signs Your Car Exhaust System Is in Need of Repairs

Your vehicle's exhaust system is responsible for taking the engine combustion air and moving it from the engine to the back of the vehicle and out into the air. Without an exhaust system, the air is going to go directly into the cab of the vehicle and can be very dangerous for you to breathe in. If your exhaust system is bad, it could be dangerous to you and could be bad for your vehicle as well. Read on for some signs that your vehicle's exhaust system needs to be repaired.

1. You Smell Foul Odors

If you smell foul odors inside the cabin of your vehicle, you need to have your exhaust system repaired. The smells in your vehicle are more than likely the exhaust fumes that should have been taken through the exhaust system and are not pouring into the cab. This is dangerous and you need to stop driving it immediately before it ends badly for you or anyone else in your vehicle with you. Other odors may also be present, including gasoline odors, or even burning odors. If you can smell any of these odors in your vehicle while it's running, take it in to be repaired.

2. You Hear Loud Noises In The Exhaust

Unless you've done something to make your vehicle louder in the exhaust area, if you are hearing loud noises, you need to have it checked out by your local auto repair shop. Loud noises may indicate damage to your exhaust pipe and could worsen if you don't have it taken care of. The noises may be when you are accelerating, or when you start your vehicle and the entire time you are driving it, depending on how much damage you have.

3. Rattling Or Popping Noises

If you hear popping or rattling noises coming from your exhaust system, it could be caused by a few things, including your exhaust pipe coming loose. Or, it could be that the hangers beneath your vehicle have loosened or are broken. This can happen to the vehicle over time, or it could be damaged from running something over that you shouldn't have.

If you notice any of these signs, you should take your vehicle in to be inspected and have your exhaust system repaired as needed. Don't mess around with your exhaust system, it could result in a deadly outcome if you aren't careful—take it in for exhaust system repairs.