What to Do with Your Old Car When It Is Not Longer Drivable

Cars and trucks often have a limited lifespan, and when they get old and are hard to get parts for, they may no longer be worth keeping. Junk car removal is often the best option to get the car out of the driveway, and there are some options you may want to explore when you are ready to let that old car go. 

Donate Your Car

One way to dispose of an old car is to donate it to a charity that will take it for scrap value. Some large organizations will accept old cars and trucks as a donation and apply the cash they get from recycling them as a donation in your name.

The charitable organization will arrange to have a junk car removal service come and get the vehicle, and they may require you to be there when they pick it up. In many cases, the tow operator will call and set up a time to pick up the vehicle before coming to your home. 

Most of these charitable organizations will also give you a donation receipt that you can apply toward taxes at the end of the year, allowing you to get a deduction. The amount of money you make in this situation is not huge, but you get the car out of the yard, and you can feel good about contributing to a good charity of your choosing.

Small Scrape Businesses

In many areas of the country, there are small scrap businesses run by one or several people trying to build a more significant business based on recycling and scrap metal. These scrap businesses often offer junk car removal at no cost to you, and they will come to take that old car or truck away for you. 

The scraper will take the vehicle back to their shop and disassemble it so they can recycle all the metal materials for cash and sell any good parts as used parts. Often, these junk car removal services will pay a small fee for the vehicle, but only if the car has a lot of good parts they can make a profit on. 

More often, junk car removal is a way to get rid of a car that you cant get out of the yard any other way, and making a profit is unlikely. There are companies that advertise cash for junk cars, but the amount of money involved is typically less than a couple of hundred dollars. While you are not going to get rich selling your junk car, if you are working with a small local business, you can feel good about investing in the community and a business that has the potential to grow over time.

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