Auto Repair Services: 4 Reasons Your Car Engine Is Sputtering

A sputtering engine is one of the most unusual sounds to listen to when driving. It is an obvious indicator that something is wrong with your car. You should take your car to a trusted auto mechanic immediately after you notice the problem. It is also good to know what causes the sputtering sounds to be ready for diagnosis and repair. Here are four main reasons behind the sound. 

Issues With the Fuel Injectors

Your fuel injectors might get clogged from time to time. It typically happens when your engine burns gasoline. Since the combustion process produces carbon, you can expect a soot buildup inside the components. When the soot clogs up the injectors, they lose efficiency because they cannot spray enough gasoline into the intake manifold. A timely repair can help stop the problem from getting blown out of proportion. 

Trouble With the Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor determines the amount of fuel your system will push through the engine. If the oxygen sensor has a problem, the level of fuel will be off. When the level is less than needed, your engine sputters. The vehicle has a computer sensor that measures these components. Too much oil will also flood the engine and interfere with its function. You cannot diagnose problems with the sensors unless you have a scanner, which is why you should take your car to the auto mechanic. 

Problems With the Catalytic Converter

The converter removes all harmful gases from the exhaust. The converter gets dirty, and an auto mechanic can clean it up, restoring function. However, with time and excessive vehicle use, the converter might suffer wear and tear, undermining its functionality. Parts of it might also come loose and block the exhaust pipe. A strong smell of rotten eggs indicates that your catalytic converter has failed and needs replacement. 

Leaks With the Vacuum or Intake In Your Car's Engine

Leaks around your car engine's intake manifold will create serious problems for the engine. Typically, they lead to a lean fuel mixture. A lean mixture is when the fuel is too little in comparison to air. The low fuel percentage will lead to your engine making sputtering sounds because its power is low.

These are the four main reasons your car engine might be sputtering. Give a visit to an auto repair mechanic close to you. They will assess your car's symptoms and determine which part needs auto repair. Early repairs will save your engine from early damage.