Who To Call When You Need A New Windshield In Your Vehicle

If the windshield in your car is damaged, you may need to replace it with new glass. Replacing the windshield glass is not overly complicated, and most auto glass replacement services can handle it for you, but there are some things you may want to consider if you need new glass.

Get Multiple Estimates

When you need to replace the windshield in your car, it is always good to call several auto glass replacement shops and get an estimate for the work. Sometimes the estimates will all be very close together, but you may find that one is less expensive than the rest. 

If one shop comes up with a significantly lower price than the others, check out the reviews for the shop online, and if the work and product have high ratings, you may want to have them install your new windshield. Sometimes the price is lower, but the service is as well, so it is essential to check the quality of the work and the parts used, and online reviews often tell the story very well. 

Scheduling The Repair

If you are ready to have the repair done, you need to schedule a day to do it. Call the auto glass replacement service and find out when you can bring your car to the shop. Mot shops can replace the glass in an hour or two, so if you drop the car off, you can come back the same day to pick it up, or you can wait for it in the waiting area. 

If you drop the car off, the tech repairing the glass may be able to get the work done early if another customer cancels or does not show up for their appointment. This may not be important if you are planning to be without the car all day, but if getting it back early is helpful, it could be a good option.

Installing The New Glass

Once the tech has your car in the shop, they will remove any trim around the glass and then remove the old glass from the vehicle. The auto glass replacement tech will clean out any debris along with the mounting location of the window and then install a new seal around the opening. 

Once the seal is in place, the glass can be set into the seal and pushed into position. Most modern cars use a flat urethane seal that is sticky on both sides to hold the glass in place, and once the seal cures, it is very difficult to remove. 

If you find a leak after the glass is installed, let the shop know, and they can add some sealer to stop water from getting behind the glass.