Protecting Your Vintage Vehicle for the Rest of Your Life: How It’s Done

Finally, when you reach that point in your life when you can buy that vintage collectible vehicle you have always wanted, you suddenly realize that you are going to be spending a lot more. It is not just the purchase price of this vehicle that costs a chunk of your nest egg. It is the lifetime of upkeep to make it perfect. Here is how you can invest the least amount of money but still keep your prized vintage vehicle in mint condition for the rest of your life.

Ceramic Coating for Cars

Ceramic is often associated with things that are breakable. However, ceramic coatings are paint jobs with top coats using the same or similar glazes and glazing techniques ceramic artists use. The glazes and paints themselves are unbreakable because heat transforms them into tough resins. On cars, the glazes and/or paints create a perfect coat that allows water to roll off, deflects small stones with nary a mark and prevents rust for a very long time. Start protecting your vintage vehicle with a ceramic coat over its currently perfect and flawless exterior.

Only Drive the Vehicle When the Weather Is Perfect

If you drive the vehicle only when it is very warm and sunny out with zero chance of rain, that protects the vehicle, too. No rain, no snow, no sleet, no hail, and no mud or dirty puddles on the streets mean that nothing will harm your vehicle weather-wise. The rest of the time, the vehicle should be stored indoors.

Store the Vehicle in Darkness and Within a Controlled Environment

Vintage vehicles suffer when left in direct sunlight. They are destroyed in winter when snow, ice, and salt or sand are plastered to them. To avoid those troubles, store the vehicle in an environmentally-controlled storage unit. Temperatures should be in the sixties to low seventies to prevent leather or vinyl upholstery splitting and cracking. The storage space should also be dark to avoid bleaching the paint job and the interior upholstery.

No Dogs and Kids

By now, you probably have a dog and maybe a couple of grandkids. Both are going to wreck your vintage vehicle's interior very quickly. Damage from kids and pets can cost a lot to repair. Avoid that whole nightmare by keeping dogs and kids out of this vehicle. Make sure you have an everyday car for all seasons that is also fine for driving around with kids and dogs.

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