3 Tips To Reduce Transmission Wear And Problems With Performance

There are many different areas of your car that require routine maintenance. Some of the things that need to be done include changing the oil and having the brakes done. The transmission of your car also needs to have maintenance done to ensure good performance and prevent problems. Here are some tips to help ensure your transmission is always performing as it should:

1. Reduce Transmission Stress by Always Using Your Parking Brake

When you park your car and forget the parking brake, all the weight of your car is being supported by the gears of your transmission. This causes extra stress that can eventually lead to damage of your transmission. To reduce stress on your transmission, make sure you always use the parking brake; This is especially important where you park on steep hills where there is more stress being applied to your transmission.

2. Check Transmission Fluid Regularly to Avoid Damage

Just like you check the level of oil and other fluids in your car, you will want to routinely check your transmission fluid. If the fluid is just a little low, it is often not a serious problem and adding a little more fluid will fix the problem. If your transmission has lost a significant amount of fluid and you constantly have to add fluid, this is a sign of a much more serious problem. Take your car in to a transmission specialist to help solve the problem that is causing your car to lose transmission fluid. In most cases, it is not normal for a transmission to lose fluid, so it is always a good practice to have a repair specialist look at it whenever there is a problem.

3. Transmission Overhaul and Replacing Seals to Ensure Your Transmission Lasts

When your transmission has years of wear, there may be problems that start to show, such as leaking seals or rough changing gears while driving. A transmission overhaul is complete transmission servicing that includes changing the fluid, changing seals and inspection; this should be part of routine car maintenance like oil changes and tune-ups as your car gets older. It is something that you will want to have done once you start having problems with the transmission. This will help ensure your transmission lasts and ensure that you do not have problems.

These are some tips tip help ensure your transmission is performing as it should and trouble-free. If your car needs routine maintenance, contact a transmission repair service like Redford Auto Repair to help with the maintenance needs of your transmission.