2 Signs That Your Car Needs Servicing

Owning your own car is an exciting thing. Many people look forward to the day when they will be able to own a car. But before you take on such a big responsibility, it is important that you educate yourself on how to properly care for your car. Just like your body, your car will show signs when it is beginning to be unhealthy and needing repairs. Here are some warning signs to look for in your car.

1. Grinding Noises

Although your car shouldn't be silent, it also shouldn't make a lot of noise when you drive. Grinding sounds are especially worrisome. This could mean a couple of things. First, if the grinding is coming from the brakes, it could mean that the brake pads are wearing down. If the brake pads aren't effective, then the brakes won't work as well, and could eventually cause the brakes to give out. This is not only dangerous for those in the car, but anyone around you on the road. This problem shouldn't be ignored.

Another reason for the grinding could be the transmission. The transmission is responsible for shifting gears. As a transmission fails, it will make it harder and harder to shift gears. Eventually, if the transmission gives out while you are driving, you could be in big trouble. Thus, pay close attention to any grinding sounds and the moment you notice a problem. Take your car into a mechanic to get the car serviced.

2. Leaky Fluid

When your car is parked, there shouldn't be any fluid leaking from it. If you are concerned that you have a fluid leak, put a piece of cardboard under the car where you park. This will help you to see if there is any fluid and what color it is.

The color of the fluid will tell you a lot about the issue with the car. For instance, if the fluid is black, then it is probably motor oil. This means that there is a problem with the engine. Some times when a car is older, it will leak a little bit of oil without any problems. However, if the leak is substantial, then there is a chance that the engine could be failing.

If the fluid is pink, it means that the transmission is leaking fluid. In order to function the transmission needs plenty of fluid. Replenish the fluid and get the car serviced at a professional shop like Dean's Automotive Service Center if you notice any leaking fluid.

By understanding warning signs that your car needs servicing, you can catch problems early and prevent any major issues.