5 Convenient Services Offered By Tire Stores Every Driver Should Know

As a constant driver and owner of a vehicle, there are a lot of vehicle components that will consistently need your attention, but this is especially true when it comes to the tires. Even though most drivers are familiar with a specific tire store, most are unaware of just how many services these businesses actually have to offer anyone who has a vehicle. As a driver, it is a good to take a closer look at tire sales and service stores and all they have to offer. 

1. Old Tire Disposal - Tires are not accepted with the regular trash. and if you have a few lying around, you may think you are stuck with them. However, most tire stores will dispose of the tires on your behalf for a small per tire fee, which is usually only a few dollars. 

2. Tire Balance Checks - Properly balanced tires are incredibly important, as this affects wear and tear on the rubber tread. A balance check only takes a few minutes and many tire stores will do a quick check for free. 

3. Used Tire Sets - If you want an inexpensive set of tires, be sure to check with a local tire store for a good used set. Some drivers change their tires more frequently than required. Therefore, tire stores often have gently used store sets they have pulled from other vehicles that you can get at a decent price. 

4. On-Call Tire Servicing - If you buy a set of tires through a specific store, it is likely that they will stand behind their product. This means that if you get stranded on the side of the road with a leaky or punctured tire, you may be able to call the tire store where you bought your tires and get immediate help. In most cases, the tires purchased will come with a warranty plan, which means any fault in the tires will be replaced. 

5. Financing - If there is one thing a car cannot be without, it is tires, and most tire stores will have financing options available for customers who are in a bind. Whether it is working through a local financing company or an actual buy-here-pay-here option from the store, a lot of these sales and service centers will do what they can to help you get tires. 

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