3 Ways To Diagnose Your Brake Issues

Are you someone who's not too savvy when it comes to understanding when your car is in need of repairs? Being able to figure out when your car is in need of repairs, such as brake services, can be a bit easier than you think. Although there may not be any dashboard light indicators that inform you of brake failure, there are ways to diagnose braking issues on your own:

Listening For Brake Noises:

Noises can tell you a lot about the condition that your brakes are in. For example, if you hear grinding or metal noises coming from your brakes when hitting your brake pedal then this likely means your brake pads are worn down. Brake pads contain a metal plate underneath the padding, and if this metal plate becomes exposed, it can create a loud grinding noise whenever you apply your brake pedal. So, if noises are presented, definitely be sure to seek replacements for your brake pads.

Issues When Braking:

If your car doesn't come to a smooth halt but shakes and rattles your steering wheel when you attempt to brake then this can mean your brake rotors are warped. Warped rotors can be bigger complications than worn down brake pads as your rotors need to be flat so that your brake pads can easily and quickly latch onto them and slow your vehicle. Warped rotors can make it harder for your brakes to slow your car, which is why if your car begins to shake, you will want to have this resolved quickly. Your local auto shop will be able to replace or refinish your brake rotors, which will allow them to be flat again, so they can work flawlessly with your brake pads.

Delayed Brake Response:

Does your car fail to respond quickly when you tap on your brake pedal? If so, this could mean that your brake fluid is old, dirty, or has air trapped in the fluid line. Because of this, your brakes may not respond as quickly as you would like, which will make it a bit more difficult to slow down. This can be fixed by having a mechanic reapply new brake fluid in your car, which isn't a major or costly repair.

With these tips, you will be able to figure out when and why your brakes are failing. Making sure your car receives brake repairs as soon as possible will help you avoid any further complications.