The Horses Are Out Of The Barn: Four Tips To Restore Horsepower To Your Classic

When a car is new, it has a factory horsepower rating. This is the rating of how much power your car has. In a full-sized truck, the horsepower can be well over 300 HP, while a sedan may have less than 100 HP. Lack of horsepower can reduce towing capacity of a truck or the takeoff in a sedan. What causes this?  Over the years, cars can lose their horses. Poor performance can be due to many things such as lack of maintenance and repairs. If you have a classic car, you may want it to have all the power that it originally had. Here are some tips to put the horses back in the barn and give your car its glory back:

1. Complete Fluids Flushing And Changing

If your car has not had its oil changed in thousands of miles, changing the oil can help restore the power. While you are doing this, it is a good idea to change fluids in the transmission and cooling systems. This can also help you find leaks and small repairs that are causing your car to lose power. When transmission fluids are changed, you may want to consider an overhaul that includes replacing gaskets because the gaskets and seals may be why you are losing fluid.

2. Updating, Upgrading And Replacing Outdated Exhaust System

The exhaust system is another area where you can improve your car. With years of driving, your car's exhaust can become blocked with carbon build up. You can have your exhaust system replaced to help restore power. If you want to add even more power, you may want to consider upgrading the exhaust to allow for better exhaust flow.

3. Replacing Old Faulty Wiring For Electrical Systems

The heat from years of driving can cause wires to deteriorate. These can be sparkplug wires and harnesses in the engine compartment. You can look in the engine compartment and note any damaged or frayed wires. Replacing these wires can help to improve the performance of your car and regain horsepower.

4. Tuning Up And Replacing Sensors That Are Old And Worn

An overall tune up can also help restore the horsepower to your car. This can be more than just changing the oil and spark plugs in the car. You may also want to have things like oxygen sensors replaced and valves. Even though these parts may still be working, they can become worn and faulty, causing your car to lose horsepower.

These are some tips to help you restore the horsepower to your classic. If you need help with some of these repairs, contact an auto mechanic and talk with them about what can be done to get your car back to its original performance.