What To Do When Your Car Is Towed

Imagine emerging from a store and not being able to find your car. At first, you think you just forget where you parked it. Then you are convinced it's been stolen. Finally, you notice the sign that says you have parked in a tow-away zone or a restricted parking area. What do you do now? Following the right procedure will reduce the stress of getting your car back, and it may keep you from paying additional fines. 

Determine Why You Were Towed

If the sign overhead says you will be towed for parking there, the mystery is solved. Otherwise, you need to determine what caused the action. If you have unpaid parking tickets, parked too long in one spot, are in a street sweeping area, or parked in a restricted slot, you may be towed in most cities. If you believe you were unfairly towed, take pictures of where you were parked and what the signs say. You can fight the fine if you prove the action was unwarranted. If you "catch" the tow truck driver hooking up your vehicle, you may be able to pay a fine and stop the impound. Once your car is hooked up; however, the car is most likely going to impound no matter what you do. Do not argue with the driver. Remember, he is following procedure and has nothing to do with your violation. 

Make a Call

If a sign is present, call the number that is on it to find out where your car is and what steps you need to take to retrieve it. If no sign is available, call the non-emergency number for the local police. They should know where your car is or whom you need to contact to get that information. Find out what the fine will be and what you need to take with you to get your car. You will definitely need to provide proof of vehicle ownership and a photo ID as well as the means to pay the fine. The employees of the impound lot cannot give you your vehicle back without the correct documentation, so be polite. Like the tow truck driver, they are merely doing their jobs. Do not take your frustration out on them. 

Getting your car back after it has been towed will never be a happy experience, but you can make it less stressful by remaining calm and following instructions. If you have a legitimate complaint, express yourself calmly and show proof that you were not violating parking restrictions. In certain cases, you may need to hire a lawyer to argue your position. Next time, be sure you are parking legally before you leave your car. 

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