Answering Concerns About Common Issues With Car Brakes

Maintaining your car's brakes is one of the more important parts of being a responsible driver. However, you may not be very familiar with your car's brakes, which can make it difficult for you to understand the various problems that these components can experience. Luckily, learning the following couple of questions and answers should help you to be a more informed driver when it comes to maintaining your vehicle.    

Are There Warning Signs That Your Rotors Are Warped?

Damage to the brake rotors can be a particularly common problem. When you are applying your brakes, a tremendous amount of heat is generated. This heat can be strong enough to cause parts of the brake pads and rotors to melt and fuse. When this happens, the rotor will be ruined, and the only option will be to replace it. 

If your brakes have started to suffer this type of damage, you will likely notice your car shaking or vibrating when you apply pressure. Once these issues have started to manifest themselves, you will need to have the brakes replaced to prevent safety and performance issues from posing a risk to you while you are driving the vehicle. 

Does A Squealing Sound From The Brakes Mean Serious Damage Has Already Occurred?

There is a common notion among some drivers that squealing or whining sounds coming from the brakes is an indication that major damage has already occurred. However, this is not always the case, and it is actually normal for your brakes to make some sound when they are starting to wear down. This is done on purpose to alert the driver that the brake pads need to be changed, and as a result you may be able to correct this problem by simply changing the pads. 

Yet, it should be noted that this sound indicates the brakes are almost worn down. Therefore, you will need to have the pads replaced as soon as possible to prevent serious damage from occurring to your vehicle. While changing your car's brake pads can be expensive and inconvenient, it is an unavoidable part of staying safe while driving your car. 

Brake maintenance is a part of car ownership that many drivers make the mistake of neglecting This can lead to a host of mechanical and safety concerns for the vehicle. However, understanding the warning signs that your rotors are warped and knowing that a squealing sound does not automatically indicate serious damage to the brakes will help you to keep your car in excellent working condition. Contact a local outlet, such as Buettner Tire & Auto, for further assistance.