Six Tips On Maintaining Your Truck’s Paint Job

Preserving your truck's paint job is probably one of the most important things you can do to maintain your truck's value and keep your truck looking great through the years. But truck owners often use their vehicles for heavy duty work, and this can take its toll a truck's appearance. However, the following six tips will help you maintain your truck's appearance while you tackle even the toughest jobs:

Attend to dings and chips immediately

If you use your truck for hard work like hauling and transporting heavy materials, it's likely to pick up some dings over time. 

If you neglect chips and dings in your vehicle's paint job, they can grow and get worse. They can also make your vehicle more susceptible to rust. Touch up your paint job right away when dings occur to prevent further damage. 

Don't allow extended exposure to harsh sunlight

If your truck is kept out in the sun often and for long periods of time, UVA rays can damage the paint job. Keep your car in the shade whenever possible to prevent this type of damage. 

Wash off caked-on mud

When mud and other debris dries onto your truck, removing it can damage the paint job. After heavy duty use, hose mud off of your vehicle and dry away moisture afterwards. 

Make sure paint is properly applied

The quality of the original paint job naturally has a huge influence over how the paint job stands up over time. A good paint job should include sanding, the application of a primary, and the application of a clear coat after paint has dried. 

Use a detailing clay bar

A detailing clay bar is a product used to clean a vehicle's paint. Clay bars offer a much deeper clean than merely washing the surface of a truck with soap and water.

When a truck is used for heavy duty work, debris and contaminants can penetrate deep into the paint job. After a detailing clay bar is used on a vehicle, the vehicle's surface will typically feel slicker and smoother because these contaminants have been worked out of the paint job. 

Avoid extended exposure to moisture

One of the biggest enemies when it comes to maintaining a vehicle's paint job is rust. Rust can develop when metal is exposed to moisture often and for extended periods of time. 

Obviously, your truck is going to have to be exposed to moisture sometimes. However, you can minimize exposure by garaging your vehicle when it's not in use and by always drying it carefully with a chamois cloth after washing it. 

In addition to these tips, bringing your truck into a body shop, such as Metropolitan Truck Center Inc, regularly will definitely help ensure that your truck stays looking new for as long as possible.