3 Signs That Your Transmission Is in Need of Repair

Many people are afraid of facing the troubles that they might be having with their transmission. However, the longer you allow transmission problems to go without repair, the more likely it is that the issue is only going to get a lot worse. Therefore, you might want to take a few minutes to review the following three signs that you need to get your vehicle to a transmission repair shop as soon as possible.

Hesitation In Switching Gears

When there is a slight delay or hesitation when you are switching from one gear to the next, there is a problem with the transmission. Whether you are going from park to drive or drive to reverse, the only delay that should be present the one you specifically cause before pressing the gas pedal. The delay in the switching of gears is only going to get progressively worse until you are no longer able to get the vehicle to move at all and it will have to be towed to the repair shop.

Transmission Fluid Is No Longer Clear

While there is some natural color to your transmission fluid, you are going to want to keep an eye out for a cloudy appearance. If the fluid appears to be cloudy or foggy then there is a major issue within the transmission.

There Is a Fluid Leak

A transmission fluid leak is not something that automatically means that your transmission is in immediate trouble. This is especially true if you are being diligent about continuing to add new fluid to the vehicle. It could just be that there is a small hole or crack in the transmission fluid line. This is an easy thing to have replaced. However, if you have not been keeping an eye on your fluid levels and you are noticing that since the leak begin your vehicle is just not running the same, the transmission may have been damaged. It needs a thorough inspection to determine what should be fixed.

As you can see, there are a few good things to watch for in order to help keep your transmission in the best shape possible. The sooner you get your vehicle in to be looked over, the sooner you will be able to get back out on the road with little hesitation or fear that your transmission will blow at any minute. Consider reaching out to a local auto repair shop, like Unlimited Service, to get your problems addressed today.